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UBNJ survey is extended 1 more week


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I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to take the UBNJ Deer Mangement Survey, we're a little over 1300 responses and a ton of good comments and remarks.

We are taking our time to look at the numbers and comments to formulate an article on the survey to appear in our magazine Tracks and Trails and hopefully other publications as well.


We're allowing another week, sending out an email blast for those stargglers who may not have taken the survey yet. We were supposed to have a meeting with other organizations and the Division but it was abruptly cancelled till next month. Since the topic was breeched on this website 12/11/15 there have been almost 4400 views on the topic. That tells me that this is an important issue with Sportsmen and this is just this website, something has to be done, someone has to be accountable, we are the constiuents, we are the customers, we pay for wildlife, our voices will be heard!


Please, please, please go on the UBNJ webite and take the survey!

Your remarks are just as important because everyone of them will be brought up.


Please go to UBNJ.org
Direct link to the survey: http://esurv.org/onl...LLHILF_b6c3fccd

tell your friends, club members, and fellow sportsmen


Thank you,

Jack Spoto




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