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1st 2016 hunt doe 1 smokester 0

smoking gun

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Next time Smokester. Troutslayer would have put the doe down. Lol

dont mention that tird haha I made videos did ya see them...the wind was allover today them old pine does are slick man its been awhile since I've been down there hunting them.they just know when something isn't right
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Those old does are harder to kill than most bucks. You'll get her next time.....maybe

Ain't that the truth! Shot a big mature doe yesterday myself and I'll guarantee she was more in tune to her surroundings than any buck coming through would have been. With the bow she would have made it but luckily I had the slug gun. She led her pack of four followers in sight and made it to about 20 yards all behind the thick cover before she caught a glimpse or slight sniff of my stank self. Trotted off to the fifty yard stick and stopped quickly to give me the stare and run but my 870 and accutip had other plans for her!! I always get excited when I harvest a "whistle blower" doe!

Sometimes I think the world has gone completely mad. And then I think, "Aw, who cares?" And then I think, "Hey, what's for supper?"

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I've killed many mature does on public ground and down in the pines and it seems like they're getting more smarter everytime I venture out there I tell ya she just knew something wasn't right.ha good hunt it really was it's nice seeing them win sometimes.the past 3 yrs I've hunted up in zone 12 and 14 backyard deer which imo is easy them old girls down in Wharton are tough man plus she just didn't blow and leave she kept going and going and wouldn't stop...

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