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Calling in the Morning


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So I ain't big on watching balls drop :eek:


So I packed all my gear up and filled everything with fresh batteries. My GSP Sadie Mae decided she liked the fluffy portion of my FoxPro Jack Decoy and chewed it off. Luckily I have a Mojo Critter for a backup. (Oh and by the way Sadie is making a good come back from her surgery.... 4k dolllars latter). So I set the alarm for 5am. Got a lot of people asking me to rid them of Fox. One neighbor said he has a Coyote eyeing up his Ducks he has in a Pen in his yard. Going to start out at the Orchard. Fox killed everyone of Kyle's Chickens out there. Time for some payback.


Welp good luck to anyone else going out in the morning. Be sure to wear your hunter orange when walking in and be safe.



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Lots of luck. Had one come in and I didn't see it until it was about to jump on my decoy. It saw me and took off. It made the mistake of stopping to look back at about 125 yards on the other side of the Apple Block. Bang! Down he goes. After I retrieve him I sit to have a smoke and a few minutes latter I see another coming through the trees. I hit the caller and he got curios but wouldn't come. I switched to Baby Cottontail and he came running. About 50 yards I let him have it. Damn .17/223 hits him right in the shoulder and the bullet explodes hitting hard bone. Tears him up real bad. He had mange so I really didn't care. Just got done skinning the good one. Good start to my Predator Season. These were two that killed Kyle's Chickens.


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Sent from my flip phone with the big buttons so I can see them

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