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Obsession 2016 Bow offer

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Thinking about getting a new 2016 Obsession, now is a great time and we are offering options...


Obsession 2016 Pricing..

Mod bows
Sniper GT
Addiction OBB
Huntress LX

$899.00 ( standard retail price )

Def Con 6M
Def con 7M
Phoenix XL

$999.00 ( standard retail price )

Draw Length Specific cam bows

Fusion 6
Def Con 6

$999.00 ( standard retail price )

Above is retail pricing on standard option bows.

For same above bow model retail price I will give you choice of Vaportrail Pro V limb driver rest OR the installation of Firenock Titanium hardware kit on any above models. ( OVER $120 IN SAVINGS )


To add we are going to offer 10 percent off across the board off our dealer direct line of accessories ( sight , stabilizer , rest , arrows , broad heads , field points and quiver for the bow..


shipping / tax where permitted and additional


Big variety in bows and camo color options,,


Visit http://www.obsessionbows.com/ to see specs..

When ready stop in an see us to order your custom build..

Offer expires Jan 27, 2016

Ted's Taxidermy & Bow Shop
713 S Harding Hwy
Buena NJ 08310

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