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Best Way to Shoot a Deer


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Is not to carry a gun.  


Today a few guys decided to just go out and have a nice day afield.  Only rule was:  mandatory shooting of any coyotes.  Eight guys.  My son, who would not pay the DFW for a permit to hunt for just one day, was a designated driver (he really went for the lunch we had planned, kid likes to eat).  As I had previously used my buck tag, I also chose not to carry a gun.  Third drive I kicked up two bucks like rabbits both of which I felt I could have killed.  As it were, one of the fellows shot.  As we searched to see of he hit it (he did not), I walked up on a real nice bedded buck, prolly to within 10 feet.  I had the time to shoot before it bolted.  Oh well.  We were done by 1:30 and packed it in for a few beers and some food.  BTW, my son had physical therapy at noon and we didn't get back for lunch until 1:30, so he got screwed out of lunch...................


So that's today's check-in.  Might go one more time before I clean the guns and pack it in till next fall.  Bring on April and the rocky ridges ............

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