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How to get dog to break scent?

Big Joe NJ

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Posted this in a few sites already but figured one more cant hurt as I only have three hunts left for this year and start of next year: I have been hunting with an unusual dog breed to most hunters. I hunt with a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix), The dog weighs a total of 12-15 pounds. This is the second season I have hunted with him with the first season had him find about 8 birds and this season hes put up over 40. Not a flusher he strictly works off scent trails. Once he finds a live scent there is no controlling him and he runs at full pace sniffing all over the place till he locates the pheasant and due to his size and the terrain where I hunt I have a hard time keeping up with him. 

The last few hunts he has developed an undesirable trait as this season has progressed which has caused me to lose a couple of downed birds that were injured and still able to run. The last couple of trips he has put up birds that I shot and need to locate as he is not a retriever by any means, I shoot the bird it goes down and then he wont break scent to follow me to locate the downed bird. I go to start in the direction of the bird and he continues on the scent trail of the bird that was just flushed. The one time I was looking in the swamp area for the cock bird I just shot and turned around as I no longer heard his bell. Lost the dog for 10-15 minutes but fortunately where I hunt everybody know the short stocky guy with the little dog so they pointed me in his direction. They were able to direct me to the trail he was in about 400-500 yards away. I didnt find the cock bird I shot but he was on somebodies injured hen bird just pinning it down so at least I got to keep that bird. My biggest concern with this is him running one direction when I go the other direction and having to go home to my 4 year old son with no dog. Not only that when he gets stuck he just stops moving, plus due to his size any coyote, fox, hawk or raccoon could put an end to his day if im not around. Anybody have a suggestion, I have an electric stimulation collar I was going to use the next time but scared that might make him not want to find birds anymore if I zap him while hes technically doing what I want him to do which is track birds?
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