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I cant get to the site from my phone

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I had a book mark for the site on my phone, I cant get to the site any longer. I'm  thinking this happened after one of the upgrades? I have an android if that matters Samsung Galaxy S5

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I might be able to help.... 




First.... I just need to know what "wifi" is. 








LOL  Just kidding...I'm useless with this stuff too. Good luck. 


I thought you were going to offer up two coffee cans and some string! 

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I also have AT&T and suspect that there is an issue on their cellular network.


It should work on WiFi.  Try putting your phone into Airplane mode, which shuts off all wireless network, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on.  That might resolve the issue.

Tried airplane mode on and off. Sometimes I get some of the web site script coming up on my screen but it doesn't look anything like the website when Im on my pc at home

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To start I don't work in the IT field. But in my experience all repairs usually start with turning the power off and restarting. This gives the IT personal a 5 minute head start to hide in the building. When found the next step is a software update thus giving them a 30 minute head start to go home early. I find smashing the phone usually corrects the problem faster followed by turning off the AC in the server room.

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