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9/18 Check in


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Looks like rain may be letting off.  Not suppose to end until 7 but if it's not raining when I get there I'm going after that sneaky doe.  Otherwise I'll wait and stillhunt another area.  Hoping to get her by laying on the backside of a dirt mound 30yds before where I had been sitting to catch her off guard.  No other openings for a clear shot.

Good luck to anyone else out today.  Looks like another break in the late afternoon.

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40 minutes ago, Mixbaghunter said:

Weather men where wrong again said it would stop early am now say afternoon. It's moving up from south. Good luck Grey 

Found that out the hard way.  Went to the other spot and waited for it to stop raining, then headed way back to take out a camera.  Halfway back it started raining again. Hunted my way back out after retrieving the camera and had a buck followed by 2 does cross a RR bed 60yds in front of me.  They came out from a hay field on a farm rd and headed up the road the way I came in.  Could barely see them through fogged glasses and scope.  Cleaned them off and I was able to sneak up on them.  Had the rear end of the buck at 30yds.  Couldn't see where the does were until one saw me and ran out of the weeds 20yds ahead of the buck.  I circled 1/2 mile around, taking the roads to my other camera that's near a scrape, hoping to get ahead of them.  Waited for them until I was totally soaked, then grabbed that camera and left.  Good news is I had  does and a small buck on the camera in the mornings there.  Only had deer in the middle of the night there before

Will try again in the morning for that one doe in my other spot, then come back here to find a good place to hide for the mornings


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7 minutes ago, Michael Britt said:

Weather man sucking as usual! Waiting it our near spot, don't want daughter caught in a Tstorm 😬

It's not going to rain you guys go hunt and have a good time

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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