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Wildgame Innovations Cloak 6


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Picked one up last night for my father for Christmas. I was pretty much all done shopping for him and I saw it at dicks for $59.98. Figured I'd throw it in with his gifts. He's been wanting a trail cam. any reviews?



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Hope you have good luck with it. Not sure about the newer ones, but I have had nothing but issues with Wildgame cameras in the past. I have since used Moultrie for at least the last 7 years now without problems. Maybe the new technology has improved them. I am sure he will love it regardless! :up:

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I rely heavily on my trail cams for scouting. Most of the time I am trying to figure out one or two bucks I am after. I can not afford to miss a pic of him walking down certain trails, hitting a particular scrape, where he is entering and exiting food plots etc. I learned a lot about different trail cameras this year more than any other year I have been hunting. The best way to tell how well your trail camera is working is to have 2 trail cameras looking at the same thing. You would be surprised at what your camera is missing. I used to rely heavily on the Covert Special Ops text cameras. I have found they miss a lot of pictures. I have used Wildgame and a few other cheaper cams and found they miss a lot also. On a bait pile where the camera is staring the deer in the face for 10 minutes, most likely you will get a pic. But put that same camera on a trail and most likely that deer walks right on by undetected. Put up 2 cameras, make sure one is quality and working, you will be surprised at the difference in the pic count. I have 2 wildgames, but I cant rely on them, I never know what I am going to have if anything when I pull the card. For watching bait piles they may be ok, but if you are trying to pattern a certain deer , Wildgame would not be my camera of choice. They probably are the camera of choice for many here in NJ, especially with all the theft these days. It doesn't sting as bad to lose a cheap camera vs a expensive camera. Outside of NJ I don't figure theft into my decision on purchasing a trail camera as much as I do battery life, reliability, trigger speed and flash


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