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"Dad I needed that" hahahaha!


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Before dawn on the last day of shotgun week this season, my son and I walked onto a high ridge in the classic hills of Walpack hoping for a buck. We settled in  at the base of a giant tree on the ground. Well, 20 minutes after daylight this is what I see...I didn't have the heart to wake him up so I kept looking for any activity. It was slow with very few shots heard for miles. After his short nap, he looks at me and says...."Dad I needed that!"  I almost fell over and was too funny! Good times indeed even without pulling the trigger.


son sleeping.jpg






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During the '14 youth shotgun day, I put my buddy with his son in a ground blind on my Sparta property and I climbed in my extended fall bow stand down wind about 100 yards in case they got some action.  A 5 point buck walked in and my buddy sees it, turns to his son, and realizes his son is fast asleep in his chair.  Tom has to first wake up his son gently so as not to spook the deer and then he has to hand him his 20 gauge.  It was dicey for about 30 seconds, but his son got off the shot and killed his first deer.


As for falling asleep in a deer stand, it has never happened to me.  Nope, never.  :rofl:  

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