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The exact opposite of Z5 Rut Action


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This is a really cool video. It is Kansas (not to be confused with NJ).     I will say - it was a little bit like this, not even 10 years ago in the zone 5 areas I hunt.


I have never seen them chase into a lake, swim around in circles, come ashore and breed while dripping wet...  Those Kansas deer sure do portray some interesting foreplay habits...   Not sure I could take an ice bath and "perform" as well as the one buck did in this video  :rofl:



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Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

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Kansas is a special place. You think you are in the land of nothing at first. My first trip out there in the late 90's was just like the last minutes if the video where I watched 5 P and Y bucks trying to corral a doe on open prairie. It was amazing to see the doe use every trick in the book to get away from them. I watched for at least 10 minutes before they all disappeared from sight.

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