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2015 Survivor thread


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I have very low inventory on my z5 cam - consistent with the entire fall. Just a few dinks and does leftover it seems.  Nothing worth posting. My z2 spot, is still hot. A new very big 8 has shown, with a small G2 sticker. No pics all year until the 13th he showed after dark of course.  Another nice 8 I was after survived. Several other smaller 8s and some dinks also made it, and a fairly good amount of does (unlike z5) . I may get out with bow a few more times- these two 8s would be on the menu... I had 6 different "no doubt about it" shooter bucks in this spot, it may be down to 2 now...    These 2....



Anybody finding some leftovers?









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Another 1 of the 3 I was looking for came back last night. I didn't get a good pic of him but good enough to Identify him. This is his day time pic right before 6 day. I actually had a shot at him on 6 day but missed him.





I am really hoping for this one to come back on camera but hes been mia since 6 day




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Guys have been driving the hell out of the farms around me. It truly is amazing they have survived the hail of gun fire

tcook, exactly my thoughts. A trail cam pic on Feb 14th would be a true survivor in many zones that remain open until then like in zone 13. Way too many shooters that survive 6 day meet their demise during drives during the last days of the season....with "silver dollar" sized pedicles where the headgear used to be before they shed. :down:


JH, nice bucks- good luck with them!

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Guys have been driving the hell out of the farms around me. It truly is amazing they have survived the hail of gun fire

I spend alot of my hunting time hunting the Adirondacks. We have a camp up there and I have been hunting there since i am a kid. Well all of the old timers are still at it for that once in a lifetime 8 yr old big woods buck. Well years ago my uncle came in one night and told a story. He was sitting in one of our back swamps. He heard a drive coming his way. ( years ago when there where more hunters up there this would occasionally happen) he thought to himself good maybe something will move my way. Then to his surprise he saw that buck of a lifetime slip past in the cover. It happen  to fast for a shot. Then not more then a minute later he saw 2 drivers go past toward the direction that buck went. He was waiting for the shot so he could take a walk and possibly see this monster. Well instead a few minutes later that monster went back the way he came. He just let those drivers go by. Needless to say he was not expecting that and was not ready again. My dad still breaks his balls about seeing his dream buck twice in the same day and never firing his gun.

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