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Extended bear totals (492 total)


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I think the number they are going for is 20% of the tagged bears which would be 26.6 bears of the 133. They currently have 24 of this years tagged bears checked in. 3 more of this years tagged bears would close the season.None of the bears yesterday were tagged this year.

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Troutandbuck's bear was a tagged bear.  It had a NJ Division metal tag in one ear and a lip tattoo that we didn't notice until the biologists at the check station showed it to us.  Sparta bear (zone 2 bear, zone 6 deer). 


I may get out again myself on Saturday morning if the hunt remains open that last day.  But a busy weekend ahead may keep me from that adventure.  Pub 199 meet up Friday, two Christmas parties on Saturday evening, and Giants football (go Big Blue) on Sunday complete with Bloody Mary's and venison kabobs  on the grill in the stadium parking lot.  Tickets courtesy of my wife's boss who gave up on his team and now regrets it.  :) 

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Handled bears and tag bears are the same.... It's tagged bears (handled bear) but it only counts if the bear was tagged (handled) during this calender year...if a hunter harvests a tagged bear but the bear was tagged last year, that animal does not count toward the 30%

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