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Anyone ever see the guy selling ammo cans on Route 70?


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My girlfriends horse barn is on sooy so I see him every once in a while. He is sometimes an intersection or 2 west. I've never stopped by driving by I have seen ammo cans and some general army surplus type equipment. Tents, helmets, maybe some clothes, usually going past too fast to really see. Always seemed a little odd to me but hey its the pines, nothing should surprise me

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I purchased two fat 50's and a standard 50 Cal. can on my way out to Tom's River last year.  He is a really nice guy and was willing to deal with me.  I should have bought more.  He was on the corner of 70 and New Rd.  I had the reflexes to turn around and go back when I blew by.  Can never have too many cans.

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