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One thing I've noticed about coffee


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I don't drink it before or when on stand so I don't have to pee so much. By Wednesday of last week I was running a huge caffeine deficit...............

There are few joys in life. Peeing off a tree stand should be one of them. [emoji1]


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always have one before i get on stand, power dump and then out the door, im there to hunt, if i want to drink coffee i will go to the citgo on 173 and drink coffee.

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I have to have coffee.  I'll have some in the AM before I head out, some on the drive and a thermos in the tree.  Exceptions to the tree thermos are warm days, but nothing beats it during the cold days as a great warmup and caffeine boost!  Keeps me alert on stand.  Back when I was younger and hunted with my dad, we used to bring a thermos of soup too. :up:

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Wow...I can't believe how many of you don't bring coffee with you. That's shocking to me.


Although, a buddy of mine does bring a thermos of beef broth for the extra cold days.


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For some reason - coffee has always had a direct line to my colon...   Plus I don't want the stink breath before or during a hunt either, I get winded enough as it is through 2-3 layers of scent lok/blocker

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

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Worst thing you can do in cold weather is to drink coffee because it thins your blood and makes you colder. Try hot chocolate instead. But if temps aren't bad, no biggie.



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Well I don't actually drink it, I just pour the hot liquid all over myself :D


Interesting. I never knew it thinned your blood. I think I like the quick warm up but more so the caffeine boost. With all the deer around its hard to imagine needing that though lol

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