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Finally got the tree up.


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Finally got the chance to put up my tree. I always do an outdoor theme on it. This year I used the smaller sheds to hang on the tree and put some of the larger ones under ituploadfromtaptalk1450015008161.jpg


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Awesome tree but like nursehunter said my dogs would be in heaven chewing on all those antlers!! Haha it wouldn't last a day in my house.

i got 3 dogs. a 70lb 6 year old rescued pitbull, a 60lb 7 month old chocolate lab remi, and a 90lb 1.5 year old yellow lab zena... they all love sheds.. biggest problem to my tree.. my 2 asshole cats love them to death but man do they know how to get into trouble, smacking ornaments off the tree left and right climbing the tree, hiding in it and scaring the poop out of me walking to the bathroom at 3am lol 

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