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NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Rules and Signup

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Welcome to the NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Youth Deer Hunting Contest!!!


Reference Links:

Youths Entered:

Individual based contest (SIGNUPS OPEN FOR ENTIRE SEASON)

  1. Kyra (age 14) sponsored by @Tuck 
  2. Grayce (age 11) sponsored by @nb6624
  3. Jaxson (age 12) sponsored by @Bone collector 85
  4. Kyle (age 13) sponsored by @Joint Venture
  5. Jake (age 12) sponsored by @bushden
  6. Colton (age 12) sponsored by @bushden
  7. Nils (age 14) sponsored by @Swedish Hunter
  8. Fabian (age 16) sponsored by @Swedish Hunter
  9. Kurtis (age 10) sponsored by @KBfishing
  10. Henrik (age 11) sponsored by @BiGBuCkS1584
  11. Antoni (age 11) sponsored by @BiGBuCkS1584


How to Enter the Contest(s):

  • Reply to this post with the following:
    • NJ Wood & Water Member's Son/Daughter/Sponsored Youth's First Name (include a Middle or Last initial if you are entering/sponsoring multiples with the same First Name)
    • Age of NJW&W Member's Son/Daughter/Sponsored Youth

Official Rules:

  • NJ Woods & Water registered members only are permitted to enter their child or sponsored youth into the contest.
  • Youth hunter must be hunting with a Youth License.  Since a Youth License is valid from the time of issuance until December 31 of the year that he or she turns 16, youths who turned 16 this year may enter the contest and submit entries of deer harvested until their Youth License expires on December 31 this year.
  • All deer entered must be taken by the Youth participant in the contest.
  • Youths can enter the contest any time throughout the season, but contest entries will only be accepted if the animal entered is taken after the Youth's contest signup date.
  • All entries must be submitted in the NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Youth Deer Contest Entries topic
  • All deer must be legally harvested in New Jersey.
  • All entries must include the NJDFW Confirmation Number.
  • Youths may enter TWO deer. Only ONE may be antlered.
  • All deer must be submitted within 14 days after the season in which they were harvested ending, per the zone regulation set dates.
  • Upgrades to existing entries are accepted per the submission guidelines and rules above. No limitations on the number of upgrades.


  • Doe Entries:
    • 10 points each
    • Plus Picture Credit (see below)
  • Buck Entries:
    • 10 points
    • Plus the number of points 1" or longer without rounding up
    • Plus their inside spread to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus the longest tine on the left beam to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus the longest tine on the right beam to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus Picture Credit (see below)

Scoring Credit System:

  • Picture Scoring Credit:
    • Picture of deer only: 2 point
    • Picture of you with the deer: 4 points
    • Picture of you with the deer and weapon used: 6 points
  • Buck Point Credit Scoring:
    • Measurement requirements:
      • Minimum point length is 1" measured from the base of where the tine meets the beam.
        • Rounding up measurement is not permitted in 1" requirement.
      • Measure to the nearest 1/2"
        • Example:
          • 1.0" to 1.24" = 1.0"  (Rounded down)
          • 1.25" to 1.49" = 1.5"  (Rounded up)
          • 1.5" to 1.74" = 1.5" (Rounded down)
          • 1.75" to 2.0" = 2.0" (Rounded up)
      • A rigid or flexible tape may be used.
    • Closeup photos of points not clearly visible or of questionable length must be provided if needed/requested by NJ Woods & Water admin/moderators.  Please do your best, this rarely comes up as an issue.
    • Spike bucks are considered to have only beams and therefore no tines and no qualifying tine measurements.  However a spike with a left and right beam does qualify for spread measurements.
  • Measurement Guideline Videos:
  • Measurement Guideline Pictures:




Contest Entry Format:


Parent/Sponsor: {NJ Woods & Water member username}
Youth:  {Youth's Name}
Type: {Buck/Doe}
NJDFW Confirmation Number: {confirmation number}
Deer Entry Points: {10 points for doe or buck}
Number of Antlers: {number of antlers measuring 1" or longer without rounding up}
Inside Spread: {inside spread length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}
Longest Tine on Left Beam: {tine length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}
Longest Tine on Right Beam: {tine length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}
Picture Credit Points: {See Picture Credit}

10 points  + Picture Credit
Buck:  10 points + Number of Antlers + Inside Spread + Longest Tine on Left Beam + Longest Tine on Right Beam + Picture Credit

Contest Entry Example:

Parent/Sponsor:  LPJR
Youth:  Christopher
Type: Buck
Date Killed: 10/15/2019
NJDFW Confirmation Number: 123ABCD
Deer Entry Points: 10
Number of Antler Points:  6
Inside Spread: 12"
Longest Tine on Left Beam: 5.5"
Longest Tine on Right Beam:  5"
Picture Credit Points: 6

TOTAL POINTS: 44.5 points ( 10 + 6 + 12 + 5.5 + 5 + 6)


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Jake Bush 12YO on May 23 2023

Colton Bush 12YO on May 23 2023


Over the years the US has sent many of its fine young men & women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return, is enough to bury those that did not return. COLIN POWELL





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