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Trapping equipment for sale


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i have recently moved and due to my job and apartment i do not have time or space to trap/fur handle. i would like to see my stuff go to good use rather then just sitting around. all my stuff is at my dads house located in bridgewater township somerset county. i am in branchburg township now and can meet anyone at his house if you are interested. i can not post pictures because i am not there to take pictures. but here is a list of some things i have for sale


stretchers both solid and adjustable with belly boards




skinning equipment including, knives, tacks, etc... i will not be selling my fleshing beam though. (for memory purposes)

earth anchors


trap setters for the 330's

trap baskets

9 gauge wire

11 gauge wire

14 gauge wire

mink snares all ready attached to bricks

trapping wire reel

i think i have some baits and lures (not sure)


i am positive i am missing a bunch of stuff. but come take a look if you would like. like i said i want to see it go to good use. maybe a child trying to get into trapping, or be useful for the trapper ed classes or just who ever will use it. i hate seeing it just sitting around.  we can negotiate price when you see the equipment, or i would take an offer for everything. 


this post was hard for me. i love trapping. a lot of memories. oh well. 


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