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Youth day ends with a boom

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Well today started out at 330 in the morning on the road and heading north to set up my young family member on my wifes side of the family. We get there where we go over the game plan for the morning hunt. Well morning was SlOW not one deer on its feet so we got out are 830. We talked about trying to make it back up for the afternoon hunt because dinner plans change for the young man.(Tonight was his Birthday Dinner) and they change it till tomorrow night. So anyway we head back up around 1 to be there about 2ish. Pull up and we go over the game plan and go set up the tree for a double set and get to hunting. About 3 or so we got some tree rats running around so we are seeing more so far then the morning lol. Around 4 we have a BLack cat under us lol. ABout 4 minutes later I see a yearling button buck get up out of its bed about 40 yards from us and it never moved when we set up for the hunt. Aout 430 we see 2 young doe and a moma doe. We pasted them in hopes of something else walking in a few minutes later another deer walks threw but about 150 yards away. I seen it was a buck and told the young man what is was and lets see what he does. He walks out to the cut corn and he is about 250 yards when we see him again getting ready to go threw the hedge row. I pull out my grunt call and played him a tone he could not resisted. He come in on a string to 30 yards and the kid pulls the trigger and he falls over. He looks up and me with a smile from ear to ear and I said dont look at me shoot him again hes trying to get up!!! Boom and I said hes not done Boom. Waited a few minutes and we get down walking up on the deer and he looks at us and I said shoot him again Boom. NOW he is done. High fives and then the work began. ABout 20 minutes on hold trying to check the deer in. got that done and then An hour of dragging him out and to the truck. Fun hunt



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