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More coyote calls

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Looking like its gonna be one of those years...My biggest two farmers called yesterday about them...another call today.  


I hate them fugly things.  How an animal so pretty 300 miles north of here can resemble a butt ass ugly hell-hound here is beyond me.  


I got a lead on a pair of black ones though.  Got an interest in them at least.  Litter mates presumably if theyre really black ones and not just darks.  Looks like I'll be starting this weekend.

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i always get, "i have a coyote on camera. you have to come catch it"

i have relied on catching coon while i chase them, to cover gas.

can't do that this year. 


i was talking with T. Zander last night. 

told him, every coon i bring in is $10 or more. he just laughed at me. lol.

United Bowhunters of New Jersey

New Jersey Fur Harvester
New Jersey Trappers Association
National Trappers Association
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Need to trap them this year or we are in for some bad times coming.  if we do not get these coon numbers down the rabies is going to take off then we won't have anything for a lot of years  1992 is just around the corner again if we trappers do not get involved.  we have the tool now to get the job done.  I will be showing  a lot of ways to use that trap in the school this week end, ways that most folks have no idea that they can be used these ways.


Fur prices are way down on all critters  shame because this is the year we trappers have to do population reduction.




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