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Looks Like Last Night and Tonight Might Have Been the Nights


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Here in my neck of Zone 5.  Last night last half hour of light I saw five different bucks roaming.  Not as many tonight but definitely on the move.  And that was just what I could see from the narrowest of views - I saw it all on the ridge above my front yard from my couch as I sat there still to sick to be motivated to get out and now I am coughing like crazy.  At this point I'll be happy to be ready to go for early muzzy. 

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No worries - I was just looking back at all the bucks I've killed and believe it or not, NONE were killed during the rut - mostly because I usually don't have time to hunt (or practice) until after 11/15 due to my line of work.  I prefer to hunt with a gun and like the late season when its real cold with some snow and way less people out and about.

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