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exciting hunt heavy rut action and how to upload videos and debuking the wind myth

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Yesterday I had one of the best hunts I can possibly remember since childhood something so rad I haven't seen in years.i got settled in to my stand around 530ish before it got light enough to see my pin I had one nice 8 not wider then the ears I had to let pass I wouldn't have shot him anyway I'm looking for something real nice which I know exist 4 nice bucks I'm waiting for as is that will be bigger then any I've taken in 33 yrs ok back to the hunt.by 7am I hear deer from over my left shoulder coming from the field I'm thinking it's a buck nope 17 does 17 in single file I mean the big ole breeder does I had to look good they were big girls I haven't seen them big girls like that in years and then next thing I know I have one young doe to my right being hounded by a big 3 point then a 6 then 2 different spikes then the 8.my evening hunt was just as exciting across the street on another private piece of mine 2 does and one 5 point now I couldn't record the evening hunt because I dropped the phone from the stand now my morning hunt was so exciting even though I didn't drop the hammer it was still one of my best hunts I could have killed so many deer tagged out already and yet still passed many does and bucks guys would have gave a left arm for now how can I upload videos on this site I would like to share my experience with you folks.btw the fiance endulge in a ground hunt with the bow and let 2 does walk yesterday afternoon as well

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