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Jet Sled vs Wheeled Game Cart

Silver Belly62

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Possibly considering looking at getting a sled and I know some use it for deer hunting and just wanted to know how they make out with it in the woods and on any bare ground areas for the ones that use them. I have a game cart already and that's been ok for the past couple years but sometimes it can be a real pain in certain conditions. I know in snow/marsh the sled will shine,but just wanted opinions from others who may have used it on higher ground/conditions etc. Thanks

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The sled goes over the small logs and trunks in the woods with ease where the cart can struggle. The sled is great on the leaves as it is on most bare ground. It can also help with the yardwork I juat raked up a ton of persimmons and hauled them away with the sled.

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I have both.


The downside to the cart is saplings get caught between the wheels and the frame. I have been toying with the idea of designing a deflector to prevent that,but haven't gotten around to it yet.


The sled I have is not a JetSled. It is more narrow. I have trouble with legs and antlers hanging off the side getting caught on brush.


One thing that makes either the sled or the cart useful  is it makes it easy to lift the deer into the bed of a pick-up. I just hook the front lip of the sled on the tailgate ; lift the back and slide it in. Similar operation with the cart.

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I love my Jet Sled and use it for everything from Bear Baiting to Hauling deer and firewood out and of course ice fishing. I did borrow a cart the other day because the area I am bear baiting has a slight up hill that I have to ascend. The result of my test was the cart was 10x easier on the uphill haul of close to 150 pounds of bait. 

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