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Venison Pastrami..


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First, I made a brine consisting of:

2cups of water

6 TBS Mortons Tender Quick

1/2 cup,of brown sugar

4 1/2 tsp pickling spice

1 TBS garlic powder


Bring water to boil over high heat and stir in all ingredients until dissolved. Let cool completely.


Next I added 6 cups of cold water to a food grade plastic container and stirred in the brine. I injected the (2) 2.5 venison roasts real well (they were thick) and submersed them in the brine.



This went into the frig for 7 days, turning them everyday.

Pulled them out and rinsed under cold water. Pat dry with paper towel and add my spices.

2TBS black pepper, 1TBS coriander and 1TBS garlic powder.




I set up my kettle for indirect cooking with hickory chinks.





Hot water was in the pan.


I cooked them until an internal temp of 165.




I wrapped them tight with foil and let them rest overnight in the frig.


Next day, I sliced them.









Thanks for looking.

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Can I get the Temps you used? I wanna try this in my weber smokey mountain!

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Fill the WSM pan with hot water or use a alum pan with hot water on the lower rack. Moist heat is what you're looking for.

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