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CVA Accura V2 Long Range for sale


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I'm selling the above muzzy. It has a 30" black nitride Bergara barrel. It also features a hand removable breech plug. It comes with a sling and one piece scope mount. It has never been loaded or fired. Price is $350 firm. Transfer costs to be paid by buyer. I live in Monmouth County and prefer  to use FFL there. I will also offer the buyer an opportunity to buy up to 5  10oz. cans of blackhorn 209 for $50 a can (what I paid for them). I believe Blackhorn is now sold only in 8 oz cans for an insane amount of money. If interested in the muzzy, send me a message with contact info and I'll get back to you.


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30 minutes ago, archer36 said:

Some companies will ship M/L's to NJ without FFL last time I looked. 

Doesn’t make it legal for you to accept it. I know there’s been a lot of talk on the site previously that you don’t need to go through an FFL but that is completely wrong info. State Police website clearly states you do

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