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November 2015 ACP REDNECK'S PRIDE Super Scent Giveaway

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Alright all you NJ Woods & Water deer hunters, site sponsor @redneck of ACP Redneck's Pride, has been generous enough to donate a SUPER SAMPLER of his renown deer scents, cover scents and mineral supplements for the latest NJ Woods & Water Giveaway!
Entries will not be accepted in this thread, you must click the link below to enter!
Direct link to the FREE ENTRY Giveaway:  November 2015 ACP REDNECK'S PRIDE Super Scent Giveaway


Please note the above Giveaway link does NOT work through Tapatalk due to a bug with Tapatalk.

The issue has been confirmed and is being fixed in the next Tapatalk release!

So jump on the full site via a web browser so you can enter!

One lucky winner will get this mega package of deer hunting goodies! :up:
Prize Distribution:
1st Place:
Winner will get one each of ACP Redneck's Pride attractants:

  • One bottle of TC Plus - all season attractant
  • One bottle of TC #3 - early and late season
  • One bottle of Ole Timer - all season has heat
  • One bottle of Black Gold - all season from early to late without heat
  • One bottle of Regular Doe urine
  • One bottle of Doe in heat urine
  • One bottle of Fresh Doe in heat urine (Nov 2015)
  • One bottle of Buck urine
  • One bottle of Buck Tarsal Plus territory scent
  • One bottle of Mock Scrape 4 - all season
  • One bottle of each cover scent oils:  Pine, Cedar, Dirt and Forest n Fields
  • One bottle of 2-N-1 odor reducer and cover scent
  • One bag of Deer Stuff 2
  • One bag of Deer Stuff 1 Mineral

If anyone has any questions about this Giveaway, please list them here!
A huge thanks from NJ Woods & Water to Ron from ACP Redneck's Pride for his generous donation!   :up:   :up:   :up:

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Jump on in the latest Giveaway!!! Had to hold off on this one due to the site migration, but let's celebrate the new digs with an even more awesome Giveaway! :up: :up: :up:

Ron is the man!!! Don't miss out on this one, everyone knows his scents, used and proven by many! :up:

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Great products developed by a down-to-earth, knowledgeable and generous guy!


We had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron for two days at a UBNJ event this summer.  We left a lot smarter on the topic of scents and the correct way to use them!  We found out that we never used scents the correct way and this was undermining our efforts for years!


The winner of this giveaway would benefit greatly by asking Ron the correct way to utilize each of his scent products.

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