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November 2015 A&W Nature Labs Product Giveaway

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Alright all you NJ Woods & Water hunters, it's been awhile but it's time for another Giveaway! 
Site sponsor @A&W Nature Labs LLC, has generously donated a sample of their products for the latest NJ Woods & Water Giveaway!
Entries will not be accepted in this thread, you must click the link below to enter!
Direct link to the FREE ENTRY Giveaway:   November 2015 A&W Nature Labs Product Giveaway
1st Place:

  • 10lb bag of MINERAL MAGNETTM (MM) in your choice of Vanilla or Red Delicious Apple
  • 15lb bag of PINCH POINTTM (PP)
  • 11g bottle of SMOKE SIGNALTM (SS)


2nd Place:

  • 15lb bag of PINCH POINTTM (PP)
  • 11g bottle of SMOKE SIGNALTM (SS)

3rd Place:

  • 6lb bag of PINCH POINTTM (PP)
  • 11g bottle of SMOKE SIGNALTM (SS)

If anyone has any questions about this Giveaway, please list them here!
A huge thanks from NJ Woods & Water to Stan and Greg from A&W Nature Labs for their generous donations!  :up:  :up:  :up:
A&W Nature Labs Product Information:
A&W Nature Labs, LLC is an officially registered NJ based wildlife nutrition company committed to bringing serious results to all hunters and land managers.  Highly effective and consistent hunting and land management solutions are their goal! 
A&W Nature Labs has been supplying their products to retailers in New Jersey and shipping to hunters throughout the country via their website (www.awnaturelabs.com) where they offer FREE SHIPPING!
Their flagship product is MINERAL MAGNETTM (MM), the most complete deer mineral supplement available.  MINERAL MAGNETTM (MM) was developed through careful research and work with leading animal nutritionists.  It is professionally produced in a Safe Feed/Safe Food(SFSF) Certified Facility® that exceeds FDA standards to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing, ingredients and consistency.  Check out their website where they compare MINERAL MAGNETTM (MM) to some of the biggest names on the market today.

  • Contains the optimal ~20% calcium to ~10% phosphorus ratio, critical to antler development
  • Properly balanced macro and trace mineral composition is very beneficial to bucks, does and fawns during the mineral depleting times of antler development, lactation and development
  • Contains a viable (live) yeast culture vital for proper digestive tract health
  • Great spring and summer scouting tool when used with trail camera
  • Available in your choice of flavors – Red Delicious and Vanilla
  • Will always be produced here in the U.S.A.

They are also proud to offer their premium feed-based attractant, PINCH POINTTM (PP) !  This is not the typical powder or ground up attractant available today.  PINCH POINTTM (PP) was designed to draw deer into an area with its aroma and then hold them there with its feed-based consistency. 

  • Attracts deer with its aroma and holds them with its feed-based consistency 
  • Is comprised of grains that hold up in the rain and snow
  • High in protein and fat that deer crave during the season
  • Is fortified with vitamins and their mineral product 
  • Can be used in a feeder, mixed with bait or used straight-up on its own
  • Deer return to seek out more even after its gone
  • Available in 6lb and 15lb bags (bigger bags available as special order)

They also produce and distribute, SMOKE SIGNALTM (SS), a super light wind direction indicator different than anything you have ever used before.  It has been designed to leave the squeeze bottle and continue to rise, like actual scentless smoke.
If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to email ([email protected] / [email protected]) or call them at (732) 882-3818.
A&W Nature Labs, LLC
P.O. Box 18
Hibernia, NJ  07842

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