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Where to hunt bears in nj???


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I don’t think this is the type of animal to hunt if you don’t even have a clue. Do you know the regs?  How to get it out of woods? Do you know where to aim and where the vitals are?  What weapon will you use? If u do not even know where they are what is your plan for the rest of it?  

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5 hours ago, Rusty said:

Welcome to the site Tulio.  Fortunately,  the best bear hunting in NJ is all public land.  Wawayanda,  Newark Watershed,  Hamburg Mt WMA,  Weldon Brook WMA,  Sparta Mt WMA,  Berkshire Valley WMA,  Rockaway River WMA  .   .   .  

There are a Bunch of Black Bears in and around - Long Pond Ironworks State Park. 

   I am sure more then a few dedicated Female Dog Walkers that,I have Hiked past will feel Safer if a Few Black Bears were taken out of the Green Turtle Pond Area.  Hit the Swamps and Conifers and they might show themselves  out of curiosity  as,I have seen at least 4 times.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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