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Blue Fish wood carving selling…visit CrispoGallery.com

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A0CB9BFB-B6FE-4464-88C5-4F990224F5F6.jpeg.d07dce3d2431f97a2c1f0734b5d1cf86.jpegD5463A55-F115-4F46-8AAD-20E49B819F34.jpeg.d27cc12d17087c10276e47380ae9cebb.jpeg45BB79DF-1D42-453B-95E2-9ECE97CEF00B.jpeg.b0c6b5cb501541c36445210490b2fd6e.jpegcontact JIM   [email protected] for pricing, commissions or what’s available in stock       Please visit my website CrispoGallery.com to see a range of available carvings. The Bluefish above is 5’ x 26” tall indoor use only  but outdoor options can be created as well as a variety of text behind the fish mount.  All feedback is welcome!!  

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