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NJ Bear Hunt to be Reinstated


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1 hour ago, Eyesofthewoods said:

Said in the article that season would start dec 5 of this year.  How are we supposed to obtain tags?  That’s not far from right now.  

Also it said it’s illegal to shoot bears under 75lbs so am I supposed to bring a scale into the woods for Bobo to stand on before i shoot it?  this will be a messy stipulation for sure.  

Reading the article I didn’t see if it said it will be open to public land hunting.

Not really , just means you can’t shoot cubs .

if it was that way before the antis wouldn’t have been able to get enough people asking to stop it .

same with shooting a sow with cubs , was all about emotions .


Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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The actions under consideration would reinstate a Bear Hunting Season for December 5 through December 10 for 2022 to run concurrently with the six-day firearm season for deer. If the 20% population harvest target is not reached, the season will be extended to the following week, December 14 through December 17. Bear hunting will be permitted on state and private lands within designated bear hunting zones. 


During its November 15 meeting, after working closely with the DEP to develop mutually agreeable parameters, the Fish and Game Council will consider implementing strict prohibitions on the taking of cubs under 75 pounds, the taking of adults traveling in family packs with cubs below 75 pounds, and restrictions on the practice of baiting.


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I need somebody to get me up there ;) During 6-day - I assume we'll be able to use slug guns.

However... I remember when we did have the hunt, people complained that they weren't seeing any bears during that late season because the bears were already starting to hunker down for hibernation. Not sure if that will be the case this year, too.

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