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10-24 check in


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Man, you're pumped for tomorrow!  Have the check-in thread already fired up! :D

I'll be out doing some scouting for permit season, and might try to sneak in a last few hours to see if I can call a coyote in for a shot...heard two different packs firing off last weekend. :up:

Good luck out there, shoot straight!

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Haha yup I'm ready to go.I didn't plain on hunting because I hunt a small section of woods and got a buck last week. Was going to let it sit till permit. But my uncle called and he got permission to hunt a private peace 5 minutes from my house and asked if I would go. So I'm like a kid before Christmas.

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Glad to see so many are out and about hunting this frosty morning. I wish I were out there too instead of having to work all day. To those who are lucky enough to be hunting this morning or this afternoon, good luck. Be safe and good hunting!

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