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Almost time to put the boat away…almost


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Getting close to putting the boat away for the winter but not yet. Got out today taking my Uncle Neil and Mike. We ended up landing 7 bass to 44” then went for Blackfish and caught a bunch and only kept one tog. Chases some Albies around and we hook a couple but didn’t land any.  Was nice and clear early but the NE wind blew in a heavy fog bank. Was a great day out. 






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Nice job! I took my boat out of Shark River yesterday afternoon and was met by the fog bank at the inlet. I headed north at a slow pace looking for bunker pods and found fish spraying the bunker, starting catching fish until another boat came out of the fog and decided to park on top of the school which put them down. So I moved around and found another pod and of course the boats will find you and that's when things went bad. I hooked a big fish that was attempting to spool me, I told the two guys in a big shiny center console that my fish ran by their boat , but they both hooked my  line anyway. So the one guy gets off my line and the captain was a little tangled and he says he has to cut it, I figured he meant his line, nope, he cut my line with the fish on it...WTF!!! I had a lot to say about that, ended it with "if there is ever a next time I will ram his effing ass"...rant over. Finally the fog lifted and I went searching for smaller pods of bunker away from the fleet, almost every pod had bass in them, at that point if a boat came by while hooked up I would lay my rod down and watch them drive by. I had the smaller pods to myself until dark but I will have to say, the ocean googans are way worse than the bay googans..lol


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28 minutes ago, Farmshine said:

That’s a great day!  The big ones seem to have left the bay.  Caught 20 on Wednesday 30-35 inches.  Heading out tomorrow.  Might check out front weather permitting.  

Most of the fish are around that size off of Belmar with some bigger ones mixed in, I think the cows are pushing further south or they may be a little further offshore

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