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New Members - Any Issues Please Post Here

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EDIT: Wait, I misread that notification. Mine says YES to upload to the site and NOT Tapatalk. That says it failed to upload to the forum and asks to upload to Tapatalk instead. Is that for this forum? Because my plan setup with Tapatalk shouldn't allow you to upload to their servers. I want the content to remain on this server as I have control over it here, if something were to happen with Tapatalk, I can't do anything about the content posted there (i.e. they could choose to delete it, etc). Would be nice if they gave a reason why it failed to upload to the forum...


The other side of it sounds like a possible phone or Tapatalk setting such that it behaves differently on WIFI vs mobile (maybe to protect you from data usage).

Might want to peruse the settings on the phone first to see if you have anything set to not download images when on mobile.

Only happen on this forum or all forums via Tapatalk and mobile network?

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That is the first time I have seen that notice.


The icons I can't figure out how to change. That started after a tapatalk update.


Edit: tried njh. I got the same message there.

Tapatalk used to work great for me, up till about 2 updates ago. :\

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Photos are uploading for me now. Not sure who's severe their going to but it works


I did figure out how to get rid of the icons. The setting was in cellular connection preferences. So I guess it's all good.

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