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New Members - Any Issues Please Post Here

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Check your preferences. You may have it set to notify you via email on any subscribed topic. Once you post to a topic it subscribed you (also a preference setting)



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Android users, still having issues posting photos with Tapatalk? Just checking in as I have no way to test it being on Apple products.

I saw there were some app updates for Apple, so thought/hoped maybe they fixed the issue in Android.

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That seemed to work. This was the message I got when I did it. Never seen that message before.


Also in the above post that icon is what I get instead of a pic. You have to tap the icon to view the pic. This only happens on the mobile network. If I'm on Wi-Fi the pics just show up. 2b8c747fe5415d3b261fe03fa7c6c32f.jpg

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