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New Members - Any Issues Please Post Here

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OK, if you can reproduce it, that would be good.

If not, might have been some kind of weird spike.

I got a 500 error yesterday that was due to a symbolic link being renamed somehow.  I didn't rename it, host claims they didn't rename it...I renamed it back and it's been OK since.  :think:

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What do you mean by having to leave the site and come back to get new posts?

The "Recent Topics" is updated on every page refresh.

The "View New Content" menu item will show you far more extensive filtering on what content is new for you based on time periods, what you haven't read, etc.

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The site is designed to be responsive (i.e. automatically resizes to fit a given device/computer/etc).

With mobile devices you can "pinch zoom" to increase the size of part of the site and "swipe" around to move the site landscape around.


Beyond that, there is Tapatalk, but it is limited to only the forums per it's design.


I may look towards doing something more mobile slim-lined, but with that you tend to lose some of the "full site" functionality as it becomes pretty uniform button style layouts to navigate you around but lacks the embedding of things such as the countdown timers, the sidebar items like the scoreboard, etc.

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I am really enjoying the forum. I am a big guy and have large fingers. I keep hitting things and going to links for pages involuntarily. Is there a mobile ap available for this site

Are you using Tapatalk?
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