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Blackfish and Bass day


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Went and got a bunch of crabs yesterday so I asked Mike (OMC) if he wanted to go fish today. So we broke the inlet at the crack of light. Didn’t go far and found bunker. Snag a few and started free lining on circle hooks. We ended up landing a couple and had a couple others on but came off. We were not there long it turned into a $hit show out there. So many boats, hard to imagine it was Friday and not a weekend. We decided to try and get away from that mad house. Found some more bunker few  miles farther but we didn’t have any bass there. So off to go togging. 
   Set up on some shallow rough stuff and it wasn’t long to get them chewing. Had pretty decent bite but nothing big. We release keepers for a little while before we decided to keep out 2 for the table. Was a beautiful for getting them on the Jigs. We only got one blowfish and one bergal besides the tog. Fun and easy day on the water. 






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