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anybody buy silver or gold?


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wondering if people still buy silver and gold? for investment or hobbie? i saw the silver prices per once is 16.11. my grandpa bought silver and gold coins all the time. i was thinking about starting a silver collection for feature investments. does anyone have experience in this? is it worth it?

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i think a lot of people who buy silver are buying now because the prices are so low. $15-$16 an ounce is pretty low (i think) for .999 silver. i also read that more people buy silver rather gold because gold fluctuates to much where as silver is more steady. when my grandfather passed away he left my dad all his silver, but the will said he had to cash it in and split it with my 2 other uncles. i think my dad said he got close to 8,000 dollars for everything he had. just got me thinking because thats like having another savings account tucked away somewhere. you just need to hide it somewhere well lol. if you bought 2 ounces a month, in 20 years that would be nice little chunk of money sitting around. help with retirement, college fund for kids, etc..

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what about the 1 ounce bars? whats the difference between buying a 1 once .999 silver bar, compared to buying a silver coin at .999 silver? im just confused on whats the difference between the two. coins or bars? or is just a personal preference? 


for example: if you buy a pre 1921 morgan silver dollar ( about $27.00)  that is 90% silver and 10% copper. is that worth more in its weight then buying a 1 ounce silver bar for $16 that is .999 silver with no copper? please correct me if im wrong. this is all new to me. 

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I've been buying solver coins regularly since 1999.  For the lazy, you can sign up for a mint subscription where they charge your credit card every year and ship you the coins when they become ready.


I also buy silver coins from the UK.  They have some called Piedford (http://www.royalmint.com/shop/The_2015_United_Kingdom_Silver_Proof_Piedfort_Coin_Set) coins, which are collectable and made differently than regular coins.  I usually buy directly from both mints.




I bought this set for my daughters in the year they were born.  Was worth about triple the value when gold hit its historical high a few years ago:



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the numismatic value of the coin might be worth more than it' content



Key word " might "... Buy Bars not coins.. Bars are literally worth their weight in gold or silver.. Buying coins only props up a speculative market for a decorated metal.. That's cool If that's your thing though... If you have a collectible  rare coin having it graded MAY add value.. You gambled when you bought it so, you might as well take another gamble and have it graded..


Gold or silver bars.. :up:  :up:

Coins?..eh, :up:


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