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Ford 5.4 3 valve spark plug change

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I'm a chevy guy by preference but when the lease was up on wife's truck in May and new Tahoes are 75k!!! Absolutely outrageous so I bought her a used Lincoln navigator 2007 with 150k miles but clean overall. It's been a solid vehicle so far but recently the check engine light came on. Ran the code and it's a misfire cylinder 4 (which is the hardest one to get to go figure). Now I've seen a friend of mine snap off the plug on these before so I was ready to go to war if need be. I attempted yesterday and the first one wasn't budging with a 2 foot breaker bar on my ratchet lol. Decided to think on it before I snapped it. My dad's friend said to run seafoam before u do it works every time. Lol he didn't specify which though so I put the gas treatment seafoam and direct spray in the intake seafoam. He wasn't lying!!! The engine light went off just from the treatment. Decided to do the plugs anyway. Why delay the inevitable. The same plug I had a 2 foot breaker on and couldn't budge came free with a little crank. So either I got on the Barry bonds workout program overnight or sea foam is the absolute real deal. The other 7 followed the same. New plugs and 2 new coils and took her for a test drive.....that thing is like a new truck!!  Last thing I need during trout season is to be stuck fixing her truck so this is a huge relief!!! I woke up ready to go to war with it and didn't have to. Now this fella earned himself a few casts carry on gentlemen.

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23 hours ago, electric10162 said:

Your lucky. A few of my vans had 5.4s with aluminum heads. Always a bitch to get them out. 

Yep. We had to take the heads off to get them removed out of my dad's F150. Sucked. No more Fords. 

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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