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Midnight Smoke


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Decided to go with a pellet smoker from Tractor Supply a couple weeks ago and made a rack of ribs last night on it. 

Wanted a smoker that was basically self sufficient.  This was simple to use, only adding pellets when necessary. Ribs were cooked until internal temp hit 195 degrees. Started them at 1800 hours last night and took them off at 0030 hours. 

Used Kansas City dry rub to start and Sweet Baby Rays to finish them in the last hour. The smoke ring was good and the caramelized BBQ sauce was on point.  

Came fully assembled and cannot beat the price at $199.00. Looking forward to using it again now that I saw how easy it was. 

Thanks to @Haskell_Hunterfor the tips. 






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21 minutes ago, megavites said:

how well did it keep your set temp in the smoker? 

trying to decide btwn this one and Lowes Pit Boss pro.

Once a good smoke set in I set the grill at 220°.  It maintained 220-225 consistently throughout the smoke.

I only raised it to 250° in the last 30 minutes. 


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