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News from NJ federation. Please read!


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State parks and forests added the "no blinds out of season" several years ago. Been announced in the digest over the years. e.g. See page 26 of the 2022 digest... They point to this link:


It's no blinds before 30 days prior and none 14 days after. Been like that for 5 years now. Maybe they are shrinking the number of days before and after, but it isn't like it's a drastic change. They just don't want our woods littered with old abandoned tree stands. Kind of wish they had the same rule for WMAs.

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1 hour ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Where is this post from?  Wharton wasn't even spelled right so I have to question the validity of it. 

Add to that “Parks and Recreation”

which is not a NJ agency. We are Parks & Forestry. And my buddy runs it. He’s very much pro hunting. John Cecil, formerly VP of NJ Audubon now heads Parks & Forestry. 

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