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Took my uncle and another friend out today. Limited out but kept one over open for a decent one that never came. Releasing overs and then a slot or two. Almost thought we were going to go back in without our last over. I finally got another over and kept it then headed in. Caught alot just nothing big. Good eaters. 

Best catch of the day was when I grabbed a Madd Mantis tuna popper floating by. No back hook and the other rusted. Plug in great shape just needs new hooks



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8 hours ago, Buck154 said:

Saw a guy trolling the Seagirt ref with side trackers

Tuna were caught even closer than sea girt yesterday .

and decent sized fish .

storm will screw that up quick this week 

Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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1 minute ago, Lphunsjr said:

Nice work John. I need a drift sock lol. Sons girlfriend outfished me w a 10oz. weight, old school Fluke rig and a white gulp lol. Same report, nothing big. Great eats tonight



Larry I had no drift sock either.  We were able to use 6 oz but using 15-20 lb braid. Where I saw you that was the first time I have run down there with my boat. Fished down that way before on my buddy's boat but has been years.

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