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My cheapness, a missing hook, and an example of my OCD: A Story


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I have to write this up. Is anyone else as bizarrely OCD as me? Hunting hasn't picked up yet, so nothing is happening here anyway... so here's my contribution to stupid-thread-o-the-day contest.

Here's the setup real quick - I'm wading out in the water this morning at the end of a goose hunt picking up my decoys. My legs tangle up in some fishing line someone must have cut after being snagged. I pull in the line to get it off me and on the other end is a practically brand new hook and a bullet weight. Backstory - I tried to buy a pack of these same sized bullet weights a couple weeks ago at BassPro, but they didn't have what I was looking for. And here it is - I find one tangled in my legs. Bonus! I think I'll keep it since it's exactly what I wanted to buy. I'm so cheap, I look at this hook and go, "Wow, this is in great shape, looks brand new. I think I'll keep it, too". I cut the line to free up the hook and weight,  I walk over to my waterfowl bag and put the hook and weight on top of the bag, and go back to finish picking up the dekes.

OK, I finish grabbing the decoys, pack up everything in the sled, and make the long walk out. Put everything in the truck, and drive home. Get home, grab my bag, carry it into my office and....

uh oh. I completely forgot about that hook that I put on top of my bag! I open the top flap of my bag and **clink** I hear the bullet weight fall on the floor. Oh crap, the hook it isn't here on the bag - but the bullet weight still was - which means the hook is probably around here somewhere on the floor. Tell me I dropped this hook in my truck, or somewhere in the house, and now forever more I will be thinking about this rogue hook that is probably in my truck or hiding on the floor of the house somewhere waiting for me or the wife to step on it and get a nice puncture wound on one of our feet.

My OCD won't let me stop thinking about it. Every time I get up to walk around here I'm constantly scanning the floor looking for this stupid hook. I'm going to have to go back tonight after work and hope that a 1 in a million chance I can find that hook in the parking lot or by the spot where I had the bag laying on the ground. Maybe it fell off when I picked up the bag and put it in the sled. I dunno. But I have to find it. I can't live like this! The paranoia is excruciating. I might have a dream about this hook now... it's waiting for me... I see it... a year from now, I'm going to stick my hand reaching under the seat in my truck and grab something and BAM! A 2/0 stuck right in the index finger!  :shock:


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I get that same uneasy feeling when wading in waters I’m not familiar with, you never know what kind of sharp debris is waiting for you down there. Hope you find the hook… and not in your hand or foot!

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