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Retay Shotguns?


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My friend has the Retay Masai Mara and likes it.  I compared it side by side to by Benelli and they are very similar, including both have the benelli style inertia action.    He got his about a year ago and has no complaints.  Jim Flynn has several on his rack in case you want to check them out in person.  

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A lot of junk comes out of Turkey !!

Over the years the US has sent many of its fine young men & women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return, is enough to bury those that did not return. COLIN POWELL





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5 hours ago, MPSR said:

They are made from recycled Pepsi cans!

Buddy had one and barrel cracked after shooting a days worth of clays. By a Tri-Star instead.

It's more than likely a flaw in machining.  I've seen just about every big brand have an issue because of defect it happens.

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1 minute ago, JD48 said:

Agree, just like cars

It happens.  I know it's an off brand gun but I baught an sti 28guage last year I love the gun now but wanted to wrap it around a tree as it would jam constantly.  I broke it down to clean and the recoil spring still had plastic around it causing it to bind and the action pin was bent.  The company wanted me to send it back but I had them just send me the parts as it was easy to fix.  

 My dads friend bought a beneli sbe and 2nd time out on the bay the barrel cracked from the chamber to about half way up. 

  Now with quality control since covid I think you will see a ton of issues

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