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8/14 Offshore

Cousin Brown

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Jumped aboard my buddies boat & hit up Bacardi area.  Tons of whales , porpoise & birds.  Trolled , jigged & popped but it was a slow bite.  Ended up the day with a false albacore, 2 short yellowfin & managed to snag a cow nose ray on the diving plug.  Fun day in the water with friends. 





Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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Not much complaining to be had there looks like all was perfect.

For me it's a big payment but me and Bugs are bitting at the bit to get puffers on Friday.


Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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Inshore was pretty dead too around LI. Did mark some bait and fish early jigged on it but nothing.

Did find some life in the hole looking for mahi. A pile of tuna chics dancing on slick water. Surprisingly no fish in it though looked, felt, and even smelt like tuna. 

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