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IF you were to move out of NJ, WHERE would you head to?


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Seeing how nice Bartlett, Tennessee was last week gave me a whole new perspective on how DIFFERENT another state can be. 

Cost of living is a fraction of NJ, gorgeous areas, pensions not taxed, etc are many reasons why. I just heard that the fishing is on point in TN as well as the hunting......

Where would you relocate to if possible, and why? 

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Lots of factors. 

Almost moved to NC about 10 years ago. My boys were little. Cost of living was nothing but school systems were poor. And any decent paying job was an hour drive.  My boys now are in high school so no major moves over the next 4 years (probably closer to 12 years lol). 

My parents moved south but eventually came back north because of grandkids.  

Buddy of mine lives in Murfreesboro TN and it's near Nashville. It's crazy busy now.  Lots of traffic. He isn't an outdoorsman.  Lol. His wife family is in east TN in dandridge. It's country. I would love to have some acres to hunt but if we make a big purchase it will a shore town type  home. Something close to a beach.(less than 10 miles). 

East Tennessee

Coastal NC. 

Texas(south of San Antonio) 

All depends on when the wife kicks me out or where my boys settle down with their  wife and kids.  Lol. 



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Great question.  We thought we’d retire to the Carolinas. The big question was exactly where;  my wife wanted a condo on the ocean. I wanted a small farm.  Fast forward; we finally retired (early) and our relocation plans went out the window. Decided to travel while we still have our health and mobility.  So, relocation is on hold while we chase another adventure.  Besides, NJ has a lot to offer if you can get past the politics and taxes and….. 

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I'd be looking into tax friendly states, but my top 5 would be

5. N.H.

4. WY

3. TX

2. S.D.

1. T.N.

I wouldn't shy away from possibly looking into M.O. or possibly P.A.

All of these states offer more liberty than Jersey, better scenery, and more than likely without doing any research better hunting and fishing.

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I wouldn't move anywhere that the political climate is about to flip. I always considered TX and even PA, but the dem disease has spread to those places and I think they're both close to becoming blue states.  

NH and ME are both amazing and beautiful, but I'd have to be somewhere warmer than NJ...Definitely not colder with more snow.  

NC, SC, GA may be.  Maybe FL or HI.  Not going anywhere until the kid is grown and even then I'd like to be nearby so we'll just have to wait and see

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Almost moved to Virginia in 2005. Wife and I were going down to look at a house near Smith Mountain Lake but my dad was killed in a car accident  so we didn't go. Then another thing delayed it further, house was sold, so we just decided to put it on hold, and here we are. If we were to go, Virginia is still on the list but not as high as before. Probably SC now, somewhere central so the coast and mountains are both a short drive.

If property taxes were not an issue, would the politics alone drive you from NJ? There are some positives to living here, just some big negatives too.

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