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Close call


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Got a call from my sister that I live a few blocks from that her motion detector in shed was going off.  I took a fast ride over thank God I did as her she'd is less than a foot from the house.  As I walked in the back yard I could smell it and see smoke seeping from the door.  Grabbed the garden hose and opened the door and started at the seat of it wich was the elliptical.  Few more minutes and it wouldn't have been stopable with garden hose as just as I started at the seat with water the ceiling rolled.  Was able to knock it down bust the window vent and get the rest of the hot spots out.  No extention to the house thank god..  probable lightning strike as a rivet from the exhaust fan hood was blown and that is where it originated they believe




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Thanks all.  No one was home.  Looking at it in day light I git lucky one with timing 2 I know to head straight fir the fire seat.  Another 2 or 3 minutes and I wouldn't have been able to stop it with a garden hose.   I know guys from when I was active that showed up and even they were somewhat surprised I was able to stop it

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