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Deer Harvest For 2021-22


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Disease definitely had an impact. It was strange we went for a large push hunt late in season near Assunpink - we saw 2 deer and we weren't the only ones pushing that day. It was weird for sure but oh well. Just excited for this season as saw on my cams it looks like our big boy survived in our area! 

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Few acorns in 2020/21 made bait piles very effective, combine that with lots of people in the woods due to covid and you had a higher harvest.

Last year's take was down for a combination of reasons.  There was an overabundance of acorns, making bait piles less effective.  There were a few less deer due to 2020's harvest and EHD in some areas. 

This year's harvest will most likely be back up.  This past winter's abundance of acorns and mild weather will result in a healthy productive deer herd.  Reproductive rates in deer are quite high, they bounce back quickly.  



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No EHD in my area thank God...last year from January to  3rd week of August I had more bucks all good ones then does, this year loaded with does,  very few bucks the best one was early June what looked to be a typical 6 pt. 

I'm optimistic with the amount of does a shooter will show up with the various rut stages

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I think couple seasons ago people were not working, filled their freezers because there was shortages of food occasionally. So many more hours hunting and more people wanting to fill their freezers led to a good harvest that year. Last year we had more wide spread ehd, tough winter year before with deep snows, a strong harvest from previous season and many more people back to work so less hours spent hunting than previous year. I agree with Rusty that harvest should climb back up this season. Not one of the greatest seasons but definitely a noticeable difference from last year imo.

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14 hours ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Covid and EHD had a direct affect on harvests both years

I would have thought just the opposite with covid, with folks staying home more would be out hunting wear it what safer from the virus being alone in the woods with mother nature. Now EHD is another matter I am sure that hurt the herds.


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