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Sussex County Snake Bite


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A friend was doing some wet wading last week in a small pond (Sussex) . He got bit by a snake on the ankle. He had instant pain but it started to subside by the the time he got home but it started swelling. He called his doctor and was placed on antibiotics. Next day swelling got worse so he went to the ER. They looked it over and sent him home. Next day swelling and pain continued so back to the hospital. He was admitted and has been on IV antibiotics. Today the swelling is finally starting to reduce and stopped spreading. I thought he was bitten by a water snake but it has me wondering since he has two punctures about 1.5 to 2 inches apart. Any thoughts since it was in the water and in Sussex County. I will try and post pics. BTW the hospital hasn’t seen a snake bite like this in over 10 yrs . Was seen by two doctors one being an infectious disease specialist. 

Pic is right after the bite 


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3 minutes ago, OMC said:

Copperhead in water ? A few people said no way. 
Cottonmouth yes but they aren’t in this area. 
figured I would put it here because some guys on here know their snakes I don’t . 

Copperhead. Yes, they are often around water in the heat of summer. 

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1 hour ago, OldMenRule said:

Cannot imagine what type of snake it was but even a non venomous bite can be most troublesome and cause localized reactions like pain and swelling. Best to your friend.   

Process of elimination.  He was bitten by a snake with fangs so its venomous.   There are 2 venomous snakes in nj northern copperhead and timber rattler I gather he'd of known if it were a rattler so I'm going with copper head

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Hope he is OK.
My whole life I've been worried about my feet getting bitten by something...
(Never go bare foot in a lake- and never touch the bottom if I'm in the ocean lol)

Although I'm sure avg everyday workboots wouldn't help much against a snake. Was he wearing something on his feet at the time?

My wife said a wolf just died in the wolf preserve in Warren county from a rattle snake bite .. I guess I better start watching out more for snake living up here in sussex.

Spend all my energy worries about ticks and bears, kind of forget all about snakes bc I don't see them often.

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