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Finally Finished Splitting Firewood

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36 minutes ago, Kype said:

nice. i do it that way also. i collect and split from oct-march for the following years firewood.  i enjoy splitting it. good excersise. 

Agreed; I’ve split wood before but never that much.  You’re absolutely right, it’s good exercise.  On the plus side, I should not have any problems dragging out deer this season - LOL

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25 minutes ago, LPJR said:

Nice work Merkel. Without a doubt it's great exercise. 

Which is why several of us let @Rustyknow when a deer is down at one of our cull hunts. He SPRINGS into action-dragging with one arm and a cold one in the other hand. 

LOL … I’m not in Rusty’s league but I think I’m in better shape to drag a deer out of the woods this coming season …… I hope …..

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