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Favorite colors you like for Fluke & Tuna

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What are your favorite colors to target Fluke?

What are your favorite colors to target tuna?


For fluke, Pink shine in gulp always seems to work for me.  Tuna- green for trolling, Sardine for jigs.

Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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Tuna: Pink, blue, sand eel green, and silver.

YFT like the pink & sand eel colors.

BFT like blue, silver, & sand eel green. 

Best casting lures that I found for tuna: Tacklehouse Britt, Daiwa Dorado Slider 180S, Madd Mantis cherry popper in frostbite.

Slow jig: YFT in 10 inch HD Ronz in pink or glow green; BFT 10 inch HD Ronz in silver metallic.

Speed jig: YFT .... pink shimmer shimano jig & Nomad streaker in sand eel. BFT....I like HOTS drift tune in herring/glow or silver Fisherman anadaman jig. 

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Fluke I would pick pink/white bucktail and pink shine gulps up and down. 

Tuna trolling I would have purple and black; and lots of green and green/yellow. 

tuna jigs - anything flashy to mimic sand eel or sardine chrome blue chrome green etc. 

16 3/4” Live Fluke Release Club

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Fluke: favorite gulp colors are pink shine shine and salmon. But will switch up constantly until I find a hot color for the day

Tuna: Nomad streaker jigs are good like said above pink and sandeel are go to colors. Also have a couple of the madd mantis PBJ jigs that they seemed to discontinue in sandeel green color very nice jigs look great in the water. Trolling black and purple/eggplant, sterling crazy 8 is a great choice.

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1 hour ago, rgw said:

For fluke white bucktail, or white ball jig, and pink shine gulp, need no other combination, 

tuna  black and purple or pink shine 

I have seen tons of guys using black & purple....never caught a thing on this color combo. Not troll or jig. Funny. Hear this often.

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When I use to troll, most were on green/zucchini or joe schutte w bally as Hammer said. We always had black/purple in spread. Funny how that works. 

I have a buddy who swears by hots drift tune jigs....I have done far better on other jigs.

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Fished in the Offshore Open last weekend.

Trolled the whole time.  Nine rods out.

Every knock down and caught fish came from Black and Purple Sterling Dial tracker bar.  Only one big hit on the Green tracker.  Had a very nice Blue Marlin on that rig too until he cut the line at the stinger.




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